Economy of Honduras

Oficial Name: Republic of Honduras

Form of state : Presidentialist Republic

Area : 112,492 km 2

Graphic Location: to the north by the Carribean Sea, east with Nicaragua, south with the Fonseca Gulf and El Salvador, west with Guatemala. Honduras has 7 maritime borders and 3 land borders.
Population: 8,598,561

Oficial language: Spanish

Currency: Lempira ( HNL)

Religion: 97% Catholic , 3% Protestants

Density population: 76.43 (hab/km2)
Urban population: 52% (2010)

Coefficient GINI: 57% (2009)

Life expectancy: 70.91
Population growth: 1.74 (2013)

IDH: 0.632 (2012)

Birth rate: 23.6 births / 1000 people

Fertility Rate: 2.86 births/ women

GDP: $18.52 billion (2013)

GDP Growth: 2.8% (2013)

GDP per Capita: $ 4,800 (2013)

Composition of GDP by sector of origin (2013):

Agriculture: 14%
Industry: 28.2%
Services: 57.8%

Tax of Inflation: 5.2% (2013)

Tax of literacy: 85% ( 15 years or more)

Population below the poverty line: 64% (2012)

Unemployment rate: 4.5%


  • Banana
  • Coffee
  • Citrus
  • Corn
  • African palm
  • Wood
  • Shrimp
  • Tilapia
  • Lobster


  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Wood
  • Textiles
  • Cigars
  • Most exports and imports of Honduras are given with the United States.
  • Honduras is the third largest exporter of palm oil in America and eighth in the world.
  • Honduras is the largest exporter of fresh tilapia to the USA.
  • Honduras is the largest producer of jalapeno of Central America.
  • Honduras is the largest exporter of coffee in Central America and the 6th in the world.
  • Honduras is the largest exporter of soap of Central America.

Relaciones commercials con el mundo (2013)

2010 2011 2012 2013
EXPORTACIONES  3.103.683 3.533.561 5.006.940 3.897.174
IMPORTACIONES  6.895.088 8.541.779 8.646.619 8.603.906
SALDO  -3.791.405  -5.008.218  -3.639.679  -4.706.732 

Fuente: TradeMap

Principales clients de Honduras (2013)

País Cantidad
EEUU 1,403,984,728
Alemania 341,030,637
Guatemala 264,683,803
Nicaragua 207,515,912
México 137,167,036
Bélgica-Luxemburgo 135,821,375
China 130,330,067
Países Bajos (Reinado de Holanda) 112,377,707
Costa Rica 111,086,758

Fuente: Banco Central de Honduras

Principales proveedores de Honduras (2013)

País Cantidad
EEUU 4,027,704,675
Guatemala 833,087,818
El Salvador 522,268,507
México 517,542,148
China 455,729,272
Costa Rica 358,041,535
Panamá 339,043,387
Colombia 339,043,387
Ecuador 182,628,156
Alemania 152,887,770

Fuente: Banco Central de Honduras

Importaciones por blogue de origen

América del norte 4,581,309,701
América del Centro 2,163,972,496
Asia Oriental y Pacífico 840,265,301
América del Sur 826,283,214
Países de Europa Central 282,462,774
Países del Mediterraneo 132,904,512
Islas del Caribe 131,809,767
Asia Meridional 84,310,275
Eurasia 65,583,469
Países de Europa Septentrional 34,288,785

Fuente: SIECA

Exportaciones por blogue de destino

América del norte 1,624,007,499
América del Centro 992,992,979
Países de Europa Central 567,525,389
Asia Orientál y Pacífico 263,189,530
Islas del Caribe 113,404,526
América del Sur 103,227,140
Países del Mediterraneo 95,789,845
Países de Europa Septentrional 77,666,069
Países Nórdicos 33,805,725
Asia Meridional 25,268,632

Fuente: SIECA

Productos exportados (2013)

Producto Cantidad (miles USD)
Cafe, te, yerba mate y especias 838.934
Bananas, plátanos, melones, sandías, cítricos, piñas, aguacates y demás 468.305
Pescados y crustaceos, moluscos y otros invertebrados acuaticos 410.094
Grasas y aceites animales o vegetales; grasas alimenticias; ceras 292.258
Oro, Plata, desperdicios de metales preciosos, bisutería 200.166
Papel, carton; manufacturas de pasta de celulosa, de papel/de carton 189.83
Combustibles minerales, aceites minerales y prod. de su destilacion 112.025
Jabones, agentes de superficie organicos, preparac. para lavar, etc 339,043,387
Azucares y articulos de confiteria 103.773

Fuente: TradeMap

Principales productos importados (2013)

Producto Cantidad (miles USD)
Combustibles minerales, aceites minerales y prod. de su destilación 2,309,688,265
Máquinas, reactores nucleares, calderas, aparatos y artefactos mecánicos. 784,473,427
Máquinas, aparatos y material eléctrico, sus partes; aparatos de grabación 567,677,260
Vehículos automóviles, tractores, ciclos, demás vehic. terrestres, sus part 475,681,233
Productos farmacéuticos 427,670,002
Materias plásticas y manufacturas de estas materias 426,847,534
Papel, carton; manufact. de pasta de celulosa, de papel/de cartón 343,553,605
Fundición, hierro y acero 282,859,971
Cereales 260,107,582
Preparaciones alimenticias diversas 240,889,996

Fuente: TradeMap


Unemployment is often one of the biggest challenges facing potentially the authorities of our country.
Unemployment rates indicate the economically active population who are currently unemployed, but it is worth mentioning that there is a much higher rate still underemployed or whose jobs provide a source of stability for the home.

Internal migration occurring from rural to urban areas in our country makes it often difficult to calculate these unemployment estimations and the incapacity given by the authorities to create jobs force people of our country to emigrate to the United States or to Europe, Spain to be exact.

This comes not only to affect the country’s economy as this requires imports to increase, but socially affects because most of these people migrating are often parents who have to leave the country to give a decent life for her son .The Honduran economy itself depends on the remittances that comes from abroad and are a major contribution to the balance of payments of the country.

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